Conditions of hiring


Conductor :

Minimum age: 25 years
Driving license valid for 2 years
Only the designated driver to the contract can take the wheel

Payment :

Payment is made when the management of the vehicle.
The deposit is mandatory fingerprinting of credit card issued to restitution of the vehicle.
Payment method: bank transfer – blue card – espèce- online payment (Paypal)

Location duration:

The signatory of the car rental contract must return the vehicle in the same condition as delivery.
The client must respect the vehicle return time. Each additional hour will be charged.
If the customer makes the vehicle before expiration of the rental period, it can not in any case require the repayment of amounts due for the remaining rent.
It is prohibited to use the tracks with a rental car except 4 × 4.

Insurance :

The vehicles are all insured risks.
However, for any damage other than vehicle theft, fire, glass breakage, liability and people carried (PAI), a non-waivable ceiling remains the responsibility of the driver in the case or its partial or full responsibility would be engaged.
The damage of the vehicle are covered only on production of an accident within 24 hours.
If you are not responsible for the accident no charges would be sought you.
If you are responsible for only accident damage to our vehicle will be your responsibility.

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